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W. MacNeile Dixon


W. MacNeile Dixon (1866-1946)

William MacNeile Dixon was born in 1866, in India, and was the only son of Reverend William Dixon.

W. MacNeile studied at Trinity College in Dublin, and after graduation, he took professorship position at Alexandra College, Dublin, in 1891, where he taught English Literature.

That same year, W. MacNeile married Edith Wales and together they had, at least, three children: Frank Harold MacNeile Dixon, Sarah J. Dixon and Edith H. Dixon, all born in Ireland.

In 1893, author R.Y. Tyrrell went to the United States and gave a series on Latin Poetry. The majority of the lectures were given at John Hopkin's University. These lectures were published in 1895 as Latin Poetry; lectures delivered in 1893 on the Percy Turnbull Memorial Foundation in the Johns Hopkins University, and this book is in UPEI's Provenance collection with a personal letter written by Tyrrell to W. MacNeile Dixon, pasted in the front cover. The letter, on Trinity College letterhead (House 4 Trinity College, Dublin), was dated May 8, and reads as follows:

My dear W. Dixon,

I send back ? with a few additions, but if you did not think of reprinting it let it go as it is. I don't know L'd Balfour, but I used to know Sir Henry Craik. If you let me know where I should address him I will write to him. I should be very glad to have a hand (if I could) in transferring to a sphere of wider influence and greater emolument.

I hope you will come and see us whenever you visit Dublin.


RY Tyrrell

In 1894, W. MacNeile accepted an offer at Mason Science College (now Birmingham University) as a Professor of English Language and Literature.

In 1902-03, he was the President of the Library Association of the United Kingdom.

W. MacNeil was appointed to the Regius Professorship of English Language and Literature in 1904, at the University of Glasgow, a position founded by Queen Victoria in 1861. He remained in this position until his retirement in 1935.

To be continued...


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