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James Louis Broydrick (1843-1872)

James Louis Broydrick was born in 1843 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. There is not much known about James’ patrilineage or his life as a child. He did attended Catholic School as a young boy and then matriculated to St. Dunstan’s College from 1859-1865. After his time at SDC, he went to the Grand Seminary in Montreal and was ordained on 11 June 1870, by Bishop Bourget.

Afterwards, he returned to Charlottetown to assist Dr. MacDonald at the Cathedral of Charlottetown.

James’ role as a priest quickly came to an end when he came down with an illness in 1871. He battled this illness for well over a year when he passed away on 15 April 1872, not yet reaching 30 years of age. A quote from Rev. J. C. MacMillan’s book, The Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island from 1835 to 1891 describes Broydrick’s final moments:

in the prime and vigor of his early manhood, he died surrounded by the pious ministratious of kind friends in the home of a relative in Baltimore (pg. 298).

A passenger list, from the ship Alhambra, indicates that James had arrived in Baltimore on 9 December 1871.

James was buried under the sanctuary of St. Dunstan's Cathedral, along with three other priests: Father Charles McDonell, Father Mathurin Dubareuil, and Bishop Angus McDonald.

Inside UPEI’s Provenance Collection book, The Bucolicks of Virgil by John Martyn, James had inscribed his signature with “no. 4” under it.


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