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A.H. Campbell


Archibald Hamilton Campbell (1819-1909)

Archibald Hamilton Campbell, born in Carbrook, Stirlingshire, Scotland on 12 August 1819. He was the youngest son of John Campbell and Frances Allen Brown.

At some point Archibald moved to Canada and went into the lumber business.

Archibald married Louisa Fisher, daughter of Henry Fisher M.D. of the Royal Fusiliers. Together Archibald and Louisa had at least six children: John H., Frances A., Collin G., Archibald H., Amy and Muriel; all were born in Ontario, Canada.

Archibald Campbell was the principle owner of the Muskoka Mills from 1884-1895. Under his leadership, the mill expanded and had 125 men employed. The town included a school, a post office, a store, a Church and a guest house. However the mill caused massive pollution and it decimated the local fish population. Archibald was charged with pollution and by 1895, once all the pines were harvested, he closed the Mill.

By 1896, the town was completely deserted. Today the overgrown site is not accessible by any road. Any sign that it once existed is almost completely gone... a true "ghost town".

The book, Sylvie and Bruno, by Lewis Carroll, now housed in the UPEI's Robertson Library's Provenance collection, was given by A.H. Campbell to Alice H. Barnes, daughter of the Mill book-keeper, Thomas Barnes. Alice was eight years old when she received the book on 28 September 1894. The following year the Mill closed and Alice and her family moved to Toronto, Canada.

Archibald died on 13 June 1909 in his home ‘Carbrook', on Queens Park Road, in Toronto, Canada. He is buried in Saint James Cemetery, Toronto, Canada.


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