For Sinners Only - George M. Geldert

George M. Geldert


Dr. George McKinley Geldert (1885-1967)

Dr. George “Mac” McKinley Geldert was born in 1885 in Nova Scotia, Canada. He moved to Ottawa, Ontario, where he worked as an alderman and city controller. In 1922, he founded and owned CKCO, a radio station he established in the attic of his home on 272 Somerset Street. CKCO was the first radio station to broadcast a live church service, it came from Chalmers United Church in Kingston, Ontario. CKCO operated from George’s home until 1947.

In 1945, CKCO became an affiliate of the CBC Dominion network and in 1949, George sold the license to the station, where its letters were changed to CKOY. George kept a shareholding of the station until 1951.

Geroge was also known as one of the longest running presidents of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC); he was president for nine years from 1959-1967. After George’s passing, his wife Phyllis created the award, Geldert Award, to be given annually for the best article published in The Canadian Philatelist, a journal created and maintained by RPSC.

George was part of the Oxford Group movement that became widely known in Canada around 1932. The Oxford Group was started by Frank Buchman and known for its beliefs; it did not define itself as a religion as there were no board members or institutional ties. The Oxford Group followed a set of beliefs called the Four Absolutes: Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness, and Love.

Sadly, on 27 July 1967, Dr. George “Mac" McKinley Geldert passed away in Ottawa, Ontario at the age of 82.

In UPEI’s Provenance Collection the book, “For Sinners Only” by A.J. Russell has George’s signature “Mr. George M. Geldert from the Oxford Group in Ottawa” along with twenty-three others: “Malcolm Heir Ross; Roy N. Richardson; Jimmie Watt; Ella Lee; George MarJoribanks; George S. Wood; A. Lawson Wood; Marie Clarkson; Sidney N. Drury-Lowe; J. Winifred Carr; Julia Op ten Noort; Jessie Sheffield; Basil Yates; John Langton; Gerard Senior; Roger Hicks; A. ?; E. MacMillan; Delacey MacMillan; Francis Ellisiton; Reggie Holme; Donald MacKay; William Cleveland Hubs”.


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